No more use of plastic film for your window interior.
Veilish is 100% fabric window film with no shrinks or harmful substances. It is one and only nature-friendly and natural looking window film.


Heat out and withstand extreme humidity.
Depending on color, cut infrared ray 25%~36%
and reduce temperature by at least 3ºC.



It can be cut to fit the window.
Choose from three colors: White, Rose Gray, Black,
and create a diverse atmosphere.



Easy installation and removal. Super bubble free,
no need of water installation and no residue after removal.
You don’t need an installation expert for Veilish.


“Printable adhesive curtain to veil your window for your privacy and natural interior.”


Innovatively printable (Sol, Latex, UV) fabric curtain.
Printed image can be seen both inside and outside.
The soft color and texture of
Veilish forms simplicity satisfying
needs for natural and calming atmosphere.



Draw and write directly on Veilish
using pen before peeling off the liner.
Make your own gallery to refresh your space.
With Veilish, anyone can create
unique window decoration that never existed.


Kiss-Cut & contour cut capability
widens options for what customers can do
for window decoration. Veilish must help
your business expansion about
cutting deco market’s multifunction and customization.